13/02/2017 | 13:01
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Tilmeldingen til DM 2017 er åben!

Dear member of The Danish Bartender Association,

I am very happy to invite you to participate in The Official National Championships in Classic Cocktail Mixing and Flair 2017.

The event is conducted Sunday the 12th of March 2017 at Stødpudelageret in Carlsbergbyen, Pasteursvej 28, DK-1799, København V. The event will start at 12:00, but all participants have to register themselves earlier in order for preparations. The time for meeting for all participants will be announced later by mail.

Please write the e-mail address and phone number that you check and use frequently, since important information regarding the event will be distributed by e-mail. Deadline for registration is Wednesday the 15th of February 2017 at 12:00.

As a new thing, all participants will instead of drawing a specific brand, draw a distributor, which have made 1-4 products available. As participant, you must use one of these available products as base for your cocktail.

As another new thing, every participant can use one homemade ingredient within their cocktail. See rule specifications regarding this matter in the attached rules in this invitation or online at www.bartenderen.dk/dm/. All information regarding this event will be distributed either by mail or and/or by www.bartenderen.dk/dm/ and it is the participants own responsibility to stay updated.

As a third new thing, after the presentation of the cocktail in the preliminary round you get the possibility to serve five new samples your cocktail to the audiences and present your cocktail and your ideas to them. This does not affect the judgements in the competition and only serves as a possibility to enforce the connection between you as participants and the audiences.

At this year’s National Competitions the following prizes will be awarded:

  • Denmark’s best Classic Cocktail 2017
  • Denmark’s best flair bartender 2017
  • Denmark’s best junior bartender 2017
  • Freddy Tofte Hansen’s knowledge test 2017
  • The prettiest garnish 2017
  • The best technique 2017

The winner of Denmark’s best Classic Cocktail 2017 and Denmark’s best flair bartender 2017 will represent Denmark at the 67th IBA World Cocktail Championships in Denmark in the fall.

If you not yet are a member of The Danish Bartender Association, but still want to be a part of the Danish National Championships, then please fill free to join the association at www.bartenderen.dk.

The very best regards and we look forward to welcome you all to an amazing event.
Daniel Abildgaard Rasmussen
President, The Danish Bartender Association, DBL
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